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Författare: Wilhelm Hartel.

1880s with his patient Bertha Pappenheim, known as Anna O. Born in Vienna, his father, Leopold Breuer, taught religion in Vienna’s Jewish community. Breuer’s mother died when he was quite young, and he was raised by his maternal grandmother and educated by his father until the age of eight. Breuer, working under Ewald Hering at the military medical school in Vienna, was the first to demonstrate the role of the vagus nerve in the reflex nature of respiration. This was a departure from previous physiological understanding, and changed the way scientists viewed the relationship of the lungs to the nervous system. Breuer is perhaps best known for his work in the 1880s with Anna O. Breuer was then a mentor to the young Sigmund Freud, and had helped set him up in medical practice.

Freud and Breuer documented their discussions of Anna O. These discussions of Breuer’s treatment of Anna O. The two men became increasingly estranged. From a Freudian standpoint, „while Breuer, with his intelligent and amorous patient Anna O. Freud who drew the consequences from Breuer’s case. In 1894 Breuer was elected a Corresponding Member of the Vienna Academy of Sciences. Breuer married Mathilde Altmann in 1868, and they had five children.

His daughter Dora later committed suicide rather than be deported by the Nazis. Another one of his daughters, Margarete Schiff, perished in Theresienstadt on September 9, 1942. Breuer’s granddaughter, Hanna Schiff, died while imprisoned by the Nazis. Das Verhalten der Eigenwärme in Krankheiten. Die Selbststeuerung der Athmung durch den Nervus vagus.

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