The Last Phantom PDF

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Författare: Scott Beatty.
Forget everything you know about the Phantom as Dynamite, Alex Ross, and Scott (Buck Rogers) Beatty present the ultimate tale of loss, redemption, and revenge! This is The Last Phantom! Redesigned with the utmost care by Alex Ross – who also provides incredible covers for the series (along with variants by Blackest Night artist Joe Prado), the visuals of the Phantom pay homage to the old, while presenting the Ghost Who Walks for a whole new audience. And what better writer than Scott Beatty to enhance the vision, having created a fan-favorite and acclaimed take on another classic character in the Dynamite stable – Buck Rogers! Featuring the Dynamite debut of Eduardo Ferigato, The Last Phantom is the next must-read from Dynamite! Collecting the entire six-issue series, with a complete cover gallery.

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As the story begins, Alisa arrives at the office of a man named Michael who lied to her, invited her. He identifies himself as a private investigator. She tries to find out about a guy named Slim, but her best shot is Michael’s computer. Alisa then enters high school as a student named Lara Adams and befriends Ray. She also befriends another young man named Seymour Dorsten.

She uses Ray to get information from his father’s computer. A flashback narrates Alisa’s life and explains who Yaksha is. When she was seven years old, a disease struck her village, and most of the villagers died, including her closest friend who was pregnant with a child. Her father decided to let her choose to let the child to live or die but she was afraid and confused. He said the only way to find out if it were evil or not was if they let it live. The father saved the child and Sita decided to name the child „Yaksha“, meaning „begot from a Yakshini. Yaksha grew to be a beautiful man in a short period of time, who’d always had an eye for Sita.