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For more information and reviews, see my Legacies of Dachau book page. Winner team Santa in heikler Mission PDF the 2003 Hans Rosenberg Book Prize of the Conference Group for Central European History. 601 pages, 88 maps and illustrations.

Författare: Noman Kidwah.
Mit großer Spannung und unglaublicher Freude warten Millionen von Kinder und ihre Familien, vor allem die Christen unter ihnen, auf die heilige Nacht, in der die Geburt des Jesuskindes gefeiert wird. Das Weihnachtsfest ist ein besonderes Erlebnis und alle Kinder hoffen, dass Santa Klaus ihre Briefe erhalten und gelesen hat.
Das heißt nämlich, dass er ihre Geschenke rechtzeitig zur Bescherung in seinem großen Schlitten in der Nacht, während alle schlafen, bringen wird. Obwohl noch niemand Santa Klaus gesehen hat, wie er rund um die Welt in seinem von Rentieren gezogenen Schlitten von Haus zu Haus fliegt, um Weihnachtsgeschenke zu verteilen, so haben doch alle eine feste Vorstellung von ihm und seinen kleinen Helfern.
Was wäre, wenn ein unerwartetes Ereignis diese große Reise verhindern würde? Was wäre, wenn die Erfüllung der Wünsche von Millionen Kindern in Gefahr wäre? Was wäre, wenn Santa Klaus daran gehindert werden würde, die Kinder aufzusuchen, die ein ganzes Jahr lang ungeduldig auf diese eine Nacht gewartet haben? Würden sie dann alle ein Fest ohne Geschenke feiern oder wäre Santa Klaus imstande, sein Versprechen trotzdem zu erfüllen?

Today, a memorial camp exists there and regular tours are carried out at the premises that serves as a reminder of the atrocities that humankind can commit. The author toured the area and felt compelled to share her experience and learnings, from that visit. Zoltán Balog dedicated a plaque in Dachau commemorating the ca. 5500 Hungarian Jews who were murdered in the Dachau main and branch camps. SZ, June 18, 2015: „Auf heikler Mission am Ort des Grauens.

Similar plaques in Sachsenhausen and Ravensbrück are intended to improve Hungary’s reputation as being a hotbed of antisemitism with the Jobbik party. More than 21,000 Hungarians were sent to Dachau, mostly Jews, but also 1,150 Roma and 4,000 political prisoners, mostly communists. May 2015: The 70th anniversary of the liberation of Dachau was again attended by Chancellor Merkel. This SZ article „Gedenken an das „Zentrum des Schreckens'“ is the first page in a series of 11 photos.

17-28, 2013: West German chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Dachau memorial site on Aug. 21, New York Times: „At Dachau, Merkel Warns of Extremism. 1, 2013: I just came across the papers of US Lt. Martin Joyce, the first post-liberation commander of the Dachau camp.

The website provides superb access–kudos to the history project group! This is an excellent website and a great service to the public. While investigating this site, I found another memoir, by a chaplain who was at Dachau around the time of liberation, John G. Gaskill of East Derry, New Hampshire. It contains an interesting report about the nearby Leiten mass grave site, about which I’ve written a longer article.

27, 2012 on the Huffington Post blog. Note also the reader comments, and you can click the tag „Dachau“ to pull up a number of other Huffington Post texts containing the term. Someone made a jigsaw puzzle out of a picture of the Dachau crematorium ovens, which got a lot of public criticism until amazon pulled it from its website. I personally don’t think that it necessarily trivializes anything, but could be seen as an educational tool that promotes reflection.

12 Daily Mail: „The sickest game of all? It’s about 2 of 7 mothers with newborn babies who were liberated from Dachau. German channel 1 on April 28, 2010. 13, 2010: Sorry I’ve been neglecting this page. I’ve fixed and updated a few links, but not systematically. The murals slide from the 2007 presentation is now available.