Summer Camp Here We Come PDF

A reader asked me for more camp themes. That should summer Camp Here We Come PDF a camp through many summers. Later I decided that even though there are 100 themes, a lot of them might not appeal to some people.

Författare: Natasha D’Anna.

Creating a list of 100 more summer camp themes was surprisingly difficult. While there are plenty of day or meal themes like backwards day or pajama breakfast, I wanted the list to have themes that can be used all week long. Golf carts to construction equipment, kids love vehicles. Like Fairyland but with mischievous Gnomes. No fights to the death, please. Who are the masters of your activities? This would be a great theme to have campers focus on one activity and master it.

22s, hatchets, blow darts, sling shots, etc. Who are the camps Top Shots? Make sure you add in some random dancing. A kid-friendly version of the Highland Games would be a great event to hold for this theme. Mash-up two camp activities into one.

Do this with all your activities. Have you ever shot a bow and arrow from a horse or kayak? Staff challenge campers at what they do best. Here’s a travel camp theme where campers compete in teams at various locations. Either you’re in or you’re out. Campers must get their passports stamped at each activity. Campers choose a path of activities like sports, acting, cooking, etc.