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Please forward this error screen to cpanel14. All characters are 18 years old or older. It shows no real people or events. The metallic clanging of the final bell is drowned out by the clamor sexy Cheeks PDF books slamming shut, lockers banging and cheers echoing down hallways.

Författare: Gordon Denman.
Angesichts so vieler wundervoller Pobacken fühlen sich Männer wie Frauen magisch angezogen. Es gibt Ärsche, deren überbordende pralle Fülle uns fast instinktiv vor Neid erblassen lässt. Der Fotograf Gordon Denman hat die Pobacken aus ganz unterschiedlichen Perspektiven fotografiert. Von oben, gespreizt, im Profil, und er hat sich auch unter die Frauen gelegt, um uns Backen und Vulva zu zeigen, als ob man Planeten am Himmel betrachtet … Seine Modelle spielen lustvoll mit. Mal steckt sich eine Frau einen Finger in den Anus, mal gerät eine andere mit einem Dildo in Extase, oder zwei junge Mädchen kühlen ihre heißen Po’s mit einer Dusche im Garten… Eine tolle Sammlung bei der man einfach ins Schwärmen gerät!
Likewise men and women feel magically attracted looking at all these wonderful sexy cheeks. There are supercharged butts of blazing overabundance instinctivly turning us almost green with envy. Photographer Gordon Denman has shot these cheeks in totally different perspectives: from above, overblown, or side-face. And he subsided to the women to show us their cheeks and vulvas … as though looking up to the planets in the sky. His models are playing full of relish with themselves. You see one women suddenly inserting her finger into her anal orifice, another is catching the fire of ecstasy with her dildo, or you see two young girls cooling down their hot cheeks with a shower in the garden … A great cheeks collection that makes you simply zealous!

In less than two weeks the school year will come to an end and fresh faced graduates will be unleashed to find their way in the big world. Some students stress about getting into college or finding a job, but for Cindy such things are insignificant. What she worries about is escaping the lifetime of slavery which has claimed all of her girlfriends! With its passage, women were suddenly a commodity to be bought and sold. Many women became domestic servants with duties going far beyond the typical maid. Cindy felt her heart sink as she looked down the aisle of the packed school bus.

Every seat was taken except for a few in the back. Young women who were trapped back there were easy targets for the guys with raging hormones. By the time they got off the bus their school uniforms were ripped to shreds and their cheeks were slick with tears. She made her way through the crush of bodies, blushing furiously as she felt probing hands caress her as she went by. She tried to ignore them, but the Slavery Law made guys so possessive, like they were invincible. With a shudder, she admitted to herself that in a twisted way, they were. But the Slavery Law had made him something worse.

Safety from other guys, but not him! If Cindy can graduate she can use her scholarship to go to college. Right now Uncle Greg gets all her money. At first she was thankful for her uncle for letting her stay with him after her parents died, and giving him the money every month seemed like the right thing to do.

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