Keyboard for you PDF

Move the mouse to the monitor of keyboard for you PDF computer you wish to control and the pointer magically jumps to that computer. Any mouse and keyboard input is transmitted to the corresponding computer.

Författare: Alexandra Kellermann.
Keyboardspielen ist ein reizvolles Hobby und gerade
der Anfänger kann schnell Erfolge erzielen.
Denn das Instrument ist klein, leicht zu bedienen und
die Freude am Musikmachen und das Interesse an
Technik lassen sich ideal miteinander verbinden.
Alle Fragen rund ums Keyboard beantwortet dieser
Ratgeber: knapp und leicht verständlich,
unterhaltsam und informativ:
Also: Power on – und los gehts!

All traffic can be password-protected and AES encrypted. To switch between computers, there is no KVM switch or press of a button required. Similar to a keyboard switch, you can seamlessly operate multiple computers on your desk from any mouse and keyboard. No need to set up file shares or configure cross-platform network protocols. Transferring files between two computers has never been easier! Copy any formatted text or files into the clipboard and paste it any other computer with a single key press.

It also works the other way round and you can control a PC from a Mac. Synchronize screen savers on all computers. Remote log-in on a Windows PC after cold start. Software KVM A software KVM solution has many benefits compared to a hardware PC switch.

There is no extra hardware required. The software works like a Network KVM but without the monitor sharing. Any keyboard input on any computer is processed by the computer with mouse focus. Instead, just move the mouse to the computer you wish to operate.