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In this case, mile-based exits 111A and 111B had been sequential exits 53CA and 53CB, as the ‚OLD 53CA‘ tab shows. Puerto Rico is the only place in the United States that uses Spanish like the „Salida 5B“ sign. An exit number is a number assigned to a road junction, usually an exit from a freeway. It is usually marked on the same sign as the destinations of the exit. Exit numbers typically reset at political borders such as state lines.

Typically these are rural roads built to expressway standards, and either only the actual exits are numbered, or the at-grade intersections are also numbered. As a means of educating motorists, some state highway maps include a brief explanation of the exit numbering system on an inset. The New Jersey Turnpike, with its unusual exit signage, displaying exit 8. This interchange was opened in 1951. The New Jersey Turnpike at exit 8A several miles north of exit 8.