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American underground cartoonist and illustrator known for his character Cheech Wizard and his artwork depicting voluptuous women. Bodē was inducted into the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame for comics artists in 2006. This section needs cheech Wizard’s Book Of Me PDF citations for verification.

Författare: Vaughn Bode.

In 1963, at age 21, and while living in Utica, New York, Bodē self-published Das Kämpf, considered one of the first underground comic books. Lafferty’s science fiction novel Space Chantey, published by Ace Double. Discovered by fellow cartoonist Trina Robbins, Bodē moved to Manhattan in 1969 and joined the staff of the underground newspaper the East Village Other. Bodē’s strip War Lizards, a look at the Vietnam War from the hostile stance of the period’s counterculture, was told with anthropomorphic reptiles instead of people. Originally in black-and-white, when colored the strip changed its title to Deadbone Erotica and later simply to Erotica.

Episodes of Cheech Wizard ran in the „Funny Pages“ of National Lampoon magazine in almost every issue from 1971 to 1975. Bodē’s black-and-white science fiction parody Sunpot appeared in Galaxy Science Fiction in the early 1970s. It was later republished, in color, in Heavy Metal. Bernie Wrightson did the painted art for five of Purple Pictography episodes based on Bodé’s scripts and rough layouts.

Bodē’s graphic novel The Man, published by Print Mint in 1972, is about a caveman who accidentally makes important observations about life. Beginning in 1972, Bodē toured with a show called the „Cartoon Concert,“ that featured him vocalizing his characters while their depictions were presented on a screen behind him via a slide projector. Bodē was born in Utica, New York, the son of Kenneth and Elsie Bodé. Vaughn was one of four children, including his older brother Victor and younger siblings Vincent and Valerie. After joining the Army at age 19, Bodē went AWOL but later received an honorable discharge due to a psychiatric diagnosis. Bodē married Barbara Hawkins at age 20 in 1961.

Their son Mark was born in 1963. Bodē’s death was due to autoerotic asphyxiation. His last words were to his son: „Mark, I’ve seen God four times, and I’m going to see him again soon. 1 to me, and you’re No. He left behind a library of sketchbooks, journals, finished and unfinished works, paintings, and comic strips. Most of his art has since been published in a variety of collections, mostly from Fantagraphics.

Bodē was a friend of animator Ralph Bakshi, and warned him against working with Robert Crumb on the animated film adaptation of Crumb’s strip Fritz the Cat. Bodē has a huge following among graffiti artists and his work can often be seen replicated in the world of street art. His son Mark Bodé is also an artist, producing works similar to the elder Bodē’s style, and further cementing his father’s legacy. The Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist was bestowed upon him in 1969, and he was nominated for Best Professional Artist the following year.

International Congress of Cartoonists and Animators at the Italian Lucca comics festival, in 1974. He was a finalist for induction into the Eisner Hall of Fame in 1998 and 2002, before finally being inducted in 2006. Collected Purple Pictography — published by Fantagraphic’s imprint Eros Comix as a comic book one-shot. Vaughn Bodē, illustrated by Mark Bodé, written by Larry Todd.

I See My Light Come Shining,“ The Comics Journal vol. Archived at The Official Bodē website. As explained by Bodē’s friend Fred A. Vaughn’s signature is not an acute accent, it is a long mark.

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