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Jump to navigation Jump to search Altium Ltd. Nicholas Martin, an electronics designer working at the University CAD & Office Integration PDF Tasmania in the 1980s, recognized that the tools then available limited the ability to design printed circuit boards, either through a difficult manual process, or by requiring high-priced software that required expensive mainframe computers.

Författare: Ulrich Sendler.
Manchmal ist es nützlich, sich mit Dingen zu beschäftigen, die es noch gar nicht gibt. Besonders dann, wenn sich in einem entscheidenden Gebiet eine neue Technologie durchzusetzen anschickt, die sowohl für Entwickler als auch für Anwender viel Vertrautes auf den Kopf stellt. Wenn die Diskussion über ein einheitliches UNIX-System in der Standardisierung von PC-Windows endet, dann ist dies ein solcher Fall. Bald wird es zahlreiche Softwarelösungen auf der neuen Basistechnologie geben, und jeder, der sich mit technischer DV beschäftigt, sollte sich darauf einstellen. Mit diesem Buch ist er gut vorbereitet.

Protel’s headquarters resided in Hobart, TAS, Australia until 1990 when Nick Martin decided to move the company to California’s Silicon Valley, which was proving to be a hot spot for technology companies. In 1994, he moved operations back to Sydney, followed by the successful IPO in August 1999. 0 for Windows, the world’s first Windows-based PCB design system. The company continued to develop and release new versions of this design tool, including Protel 98 in 1998, Protel 99 in 1999 and Protel 99 SE in 2000. Protel Systems changed its name to Altium in 2001.

Through various acquisitions Altium has maintained a significant presence in the United States, Europe and Asia. Protel DXP was issued in 2003, Protel 2004 in 2004, Altium Designer 6. In 2011, Altium announced it would be expanding its presence in Shanghai, China in the second half of 2011 to take advantage of lower wages. The company will remain an Australian headquartered company and will continue to be listed on the Australian stock exchange, with a major administration presence in Sydney. Development continues to be a global effort, with product development staff in United States, Ukraine, Australia and the Netherlands. On October 15, 2012, the Altium board removed Nick Martin as CEO and named executive vice chairman Kayvan Oboudiyat to replace him. On October 23, 2012, Martin called for a general board meeting and disclosed he planned an attempt to oust four directors, including Oboudiyat.